In NITRO, we believe that the most important aspect of the game is Player vs Player, that's why we created a fast-paced server so players can get to the battleground as soon as possible.

To balance that out, we made some modifications and changes to level the game.

Even though NITRO is a Player vs Player focused server, we still care about the PvE aspect of the game, and we will try our best to make everything balanced, not only the PvP aspect but also the PvE, one the example is the economy in the server.

Unlike most of the usual high rate servers that have a lot of annoying oversized costumes and will distract us in PvP, in NITRO we will not release and have any custom costumes.


Some behavior modifications to balance out the gameplay.



  • 2nd Transcendent Class with 99/70 maximum level.
    We love the glory days of 99/70 2nd Transcendent Job, we will never progress to 3rd job.
  • Pre-Renewal
    Since we will never progress to 3rd job, NITRO will always set to pre-renewal, forever.


  • x694.20 Drop Rates
    Though the rates are multiplied by a very high number of multipliers, we capped the drop rates to maximize at certain rates, depending on the item type.
    Drop rates cap are 20% for Equips, 50% for Usable and 70% for ETC
  • x6942.0 EXP Rates
    Since NITRO is a PvP focused server, we don't care how fast you level up your characters.


  • PK is permanently ON at all fields and dungeons
    Pretty self explanatory, NITRO is a PvP Focused server, we want to make sure you have a lot of PvPs in our game, whether you're leveling, killing a MVP, we still want you to have a PvP aspect everywhere you go.
    Side note: You can only attack a player if your level and the player's base level are more than 84. Kills do not count toward PvP Rank.
  • Battleground is disabled
    Glorious Equips
    are just overpowered.


  • Sealed Shrine is disabled
    For those of you who wonder, no, we didn't disable Sealed Shrine because we have [Gigantic Majestic Goat] at our cash shop, you can earn that by NITRO Points that are obtainable via MVP Kills. We just thought we want a unique way to obtain headgears.
  • Nidhoggur's Nest can only be accessed by doing the quest
    We want to make sure with our high rates, precious drop items such as [Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb] will be harder to obtain.
  • Godly Items quests are disabled
    Godly Items are hard to make, but the reward is overpowered.


  • Guild Alliance is disabled
    To balance out the battleground, we disabled Guild Alliance so guilds with more member than the capacity should be careful of friendly fires.
  • Maximum Guild is 24
    We changed the maximum guild capacity to 24, because we think that a guild with less members should be able to equalize those with more members.


  • No arrow consumption
    To balance out Archer's class weight limitation, arrow will not be consumed when attacking.


  • Instant Lv. 1 [Teleport]
    Lv. 1 [Teleport] will work like [Fly Wing]


  • [Mind Breaker] is disabled
    Professor is a very versatile and strong support in a battleground, we'd think of Professor as a class that should disable enemies instead of buffing their teammates, because that's a Priest's role. Even though [Mind Breaker] comes with it consequences, we think that it's unfair to give this advantages to Magic Damage based class.
  • [Dispell] can be dodged by [Hiding]
    is a spamable skill that can be used over and over again with a really high impact on the enemies, we give it a lot of thought and we think that [Dispell] should be able to be avoided by a high-skilled player that can cast [Hiding] when [Dispell] is casted.

Bard / Dancer

  • [Loki's Veil] is disabled
    It's an unfair disadvantages to an attacking guild if they need to kill a Bard and Dancer before they can actually use a skill because most of classes are dependent on their skills.


Box of Sunlight

  • Active for 30 seconds, with 90 seconds delay between use
    We know that [Box of Sunlight] will render classes with Hiding & Cloaking skills less effective, that's why we introduced this delay. To make sure that Thief classes get the most of their skills.

Elemental Sword

  • [Elemental Sword] is disabled
    [Elemental Sword]
    and Assassin Cross with a Cold Bolt Lv. 3 scroll can be so powerful because it can be spammed due to a scroll use instead of a skill use, therefore we chose to disable this item.

Card-based Item Drops

  • Card-based item drops chances increased to 5%

Mini Boss & MVP

  • Card drops are disabled
    We'd be happy if you're lucky enough to get a card from a MVP card, but a MVP/Mini Boss card drops are overpowered.


Customizations that are unique in NITRO.



  • Healer will give you the standard Full Heal, Lv. 10 Blessing and Lv. 10 Increase Agility
    You can get additional buffs & features from the healer such as All Stats +3 Dish, Soul Linker's Spirit, Magnificat, Gloria, Imposition Manus, Kyrie Eleison, Suffragium and Auto Identify & Repair if you're a VIP.
    [NITRO VIP Tickets] are obtainable via NITRO Token Exchange or cash shop.


  • NITRO Tokens are obtainable from MVP drops
    We created [NITRO Token] to ensure that MVPs worth more than they used to, you can convert drops from MVP to [NITRO Token] that can be exchanged to high-end Headgears that are available in the cash shop.

Tool Dealer

  • Tool Dealer will be an all in one shops that sells almost all your basic needs
    You can buy potions, converters, ammunitions, or even brewing items from the same tool dealer.

Headgear Costume

  • No oversized and annoying costumes
    We curated costumes monthly to ensure that there's no costume that gives any player advantages/disadvantages, costumes are purely cosmetic items therefore it should not give any disadvantages.

NITRO Lucky Egg

  • Lucky Draw system that gives out rare costumes
    [NITRO Lucky Egg]
    is an item that we create to make sure that some items in-game can still worth a lot even though its a high rate server. There's 3 tier of items in NITRO Lucky Egg. Go ahead and try your luck!
    [NITRO Lucky Egg] is obtainable via cash shop.