Server Changelogs 1.0.2

04 July 2022 @ 01:07 AM
1 minute read - 144 words


  • Enchant Poison bug fix. You can now remove/swap your weapon to remove Enchant Poison buff.
  • You will no longer get Kyrie Eleison from the Healer NPC (VIP).
  • Poring Catcher event is here!
  • Vending will be restricted to vending area at Morocc
  • War of Emperium is coming soon! We will announce the schedule and cast vote for the days via our Discord channel.

Item Adjustments

  • [Convex Mirror Box] from cash shop will contain 10 instead of 5 [Convex Mirror].
  • [WoE Supply Box] is here! You can purchase [WoE Supply Box] from the tool dealer.
  • All Cash Shop headgears will be tradeable. Let us know if there's any item that's not tradeable.
  • Cash Shop consumables are now purchasable via NITRO Points!
  • [Fire Dragon Scale] has been added to NITRO Token Exchanger.
  • [Cobweb] price is reduced from 25,000z to 1,000z

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